The mission of the center is to prepare children with disabilities and other special needs to function as actively, adaptively and independently in society as possible. Our purpose is to serve the need of children, ensuring quality services in a setting that includes children in our community with developmental disorders. Our focus is to help all children develop a positive self-concept, independence and self-control in a fun, engaging environment with an emphasis on skill building, language development, socialization and communication. The center is committed to the individualized education and care of children.

MGM Academy Early Intervention and Developmental Center is the only program to provide a fully inclusive integrated program for young children that is supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in conjunction with a License Mental Health Practitioner. Our goal is to impact children to produce significant and lasting behavior change to better the lives of those diagnosed with mental and/or developmental disabilities alongside their typically developing peers. The emphasis of the program is to work on skill building, language, socialization and communication skills throughout the child’s day.

MGM Behavioral professional staffs will provide developmentally appropriate curriculum experiences and activities, as well as therapeutic intervention for those in need of such services.

The program consists of:

  • Promoting cognitive, emotional and physical development.
  • Maximize the independence and enhances the function and potential of young children.
  • Provides individualized, quality services to children and their families.
  • Provides a family-centered program to ensure that each family’s priorities, concerns, and cultures are addressed and incorporated into their child’s daily activities.
  • Provides a naturalistic environment where each child’s overall development is enhanced and enriched.
  • Includes children as active participants in their learning experience.
  • Maintains and increases the expertise of staff and quality services by providing opportunities for ongoing professional development.

MGM Academy strives to provide high-quality programs and services that are:

  • Evidence- based
  • Supervised and/or provided by licensed/certified personnel in respective fields
  • Individualized
  • Family-centered
  • Collaborative in nature
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